"Can you teach me?"

Recently I was talking with friends about our children. While I was sharing a story about my teenage daughter one of them asked, “How come they share that stuff with you?”, “How come you know all this?” and finally “Can you teach me?”. That got me thinking; yes, I can teach her. But if she wants to know about “this”, there might be more people that would be interested. I got really exited thinking about it, had another experience that week with a similar question around being in a good relationship with your child and so I decided to make "this" into a workshop so more friends can join. 


One of the reasons I signed up for coach training in 2012 was that I wanted to help people have good relationships with themselves. At that time I was not convinced that I was doing a very good job parenting. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be a "good" mother because, in my opinion, I was not. It wasn’t until I was in my coach training that I realized that I was good enough.  


There, in that training, I heard the sentence: all people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. It resonated with me because I could sense that this was true and my mind and heart opened wide. Because if this was true that would mean that also our children, partners and parents are naturally creative, resourceful and whole!


Yet we are constantly trying to fix, fix situations, fix children, fix parents…  Recognize that feeling? Through coaching I learned there is no need for fixing. I learned a vocabulary for what I sensed but thus far had no words for. Coaching felt good, practical and hands on, no need to fix things. All about now and how to move forward. It was positive and empowering. I learned to be in a good relationship with myself, from where it is so much easier to be in a good relationship with others. So that question inspired me to create a coaching based workshop on relationships: "See and Hear your Child".

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