Do you feel you need to change but cannot clearify 'it' ? You feel stuck, in your job, life in general. Your relationships seem superficial, you cannot connect with others. Or you know you are capable, great even, and you just need an extra push to make you thrive. A personal coach can help.


Coaching creates the time and space for focusing on you. It brings more clarity to your values and goals. On what drives you and what you are able to create. Coaching moves you towards a more fulfilling life whether that is in a professional or personal context. A coach is your personal guide during that trip, a partner who believes in you, calls you forward and holds you accountable. 


When is coaching useful:

  • when you seek a career change; up, sideways or different.. 
  • if you want to get more out of your life or career but have no idea what that "more" is about
  • if you have a goal but are not reaching it
  • when you are out of balance
  • you sense what you want but think of it as simply too BIG..
  • if you feel at loss 
  • if you need someone to call you forward