Coaching one on one

Coaching creates the time and space for focusing on you. It brings more clarity to your values and goals. On what drives you and what you are able to create. Coaching moves you towards a more fulfilling life whether that is in a professional or personal context. A coach is your personal guide during that trip, a partner who believes in you, calls you forward and holds you accountable. As your coach I follow your lead and make sure you go where you want to end.


Coaching systems (interdependent groups with a common goal)

Coaching a team is different than coaching an individual, in a team or what we also call a system, the focus lies on 'what is trying to happen?' in that system. Upfront the coach designs with the gate keepers from the system what needs to be focussed on. We shine a light on where the team is and needs to go next. With that context a path is designed for the system using systemic tools to move forward. 


when is it useful?

-designing a vision and mission for group start-ups

-friends who become business partners, new roles and new responsibilities, how do we want to work together?

-improve communication between (school) boards and the daily leaders of the organization 

-improve team effectiveness