Muscat Singers Choir:
The Muscat Singers committee started season 2016-2017 with a lot of new members.
Gerda helped the new team to make a jumpstart by organizing a  teambuilding session
with effective and fun exercises. We worked on our team alliance and expressed our feelings towards the importance
of the musical program for the coming season.
The teambuilding presented us with valuable insights,
some great surprises and a warm bond amongst the committee members.
A solid foundation was formed to further build upon,
as we now know we share the same ambitions for the Muscat Singers! 
All thanks to Gerda for helping us to grow so much in just one afternoon!
Hanna van der Lande
Chair of Muscat Singers
Coachingstraject oprichtingsperiode Stichting Green Spirit 


Het coachingstraject heeft bijgedragen aan onderlinge samenhang, helderheid, waardering voor elkaars kunnen, een takenpakket dat we met vallen en opstaan met elkaar kunnen volbrengen. En bovenal waardering voor ieders inzet. Zonder coaching zou de stichting hebben bestaan uit een optelsom van individuen. Met hulp van Gerda hebben we ons kunnen verbinden aan Green Spirit op zo’n manier dat we samen het geheel tot leven hebben kunnen wekken en daar verantwoordelijkheid voor dragen.Voor mij persoonlijk betekent dit minder hard werken, maar precies datgene doen wat mij hierin te doen staat. Leiding nemen wanneer nodig, doen wanneer ik kan en wil bijdragen – maar geen zeurende verplichting van iets moeten.Gerda’s rol hierin was het faciliteren van gesprekken en oefeningen op dusdanige manier dat en de stichting en alle leden op een goede manier tot hun recht konden komen – en dat de vooringenomen posities en belemmeringen als het ware vanzelf wegvielen. Dit zorgde ervoor dat we met elkaar iets moois konden laten ontstaan. Elke bijeenkomst weer is het goed ons daaraan te herinneren. Het is fijn te weten dat we, indien nodig, haar kunnen benaderen om ons te helpen herinneren en verder te brengen.


Willemijn Lofvers

voorzitter Stichting Green Spirit



Individual Coaching:


"Gerda was brilliant at coaching through my relationship with my child.

Some very powerful lessons were learnt."

                                    Amanda, UK


"Gerda puts you in touch with yourself,

an effective coach."

NN, Pakistan


“Change is a process that takes time. During this 18 month coaching process I reflected in my work and many things became much simpler, the process is like a mirror. Not always easy and sometimes even painful but always worth it. The interactions through the coaching gave me a lot of insights and influenced my ways of working and professional goal. One of the direct results of coaching is that I have become more patient while working under high pressure.


What I appreciate about Gerda’s coaching is the openness. Gerda is very easy to work with and a great listener. She makes quick connections, holds the bigger picture and leaves ‘the ball at the feet of the client”.


Phone coaching works great, better than expected. I can concentrate better on the conversation and am less distracted.


I would recommend Gerda without a doubt, she is reliable, a great listener, holds the bigger picture, is relaxed, professional without being to formal.“


J.N. Sr Commercial Advisor,

Shell International Middle East



“Through coaching I am able to sharpen my analyses, I recognize my inner-critics and how they stop me from achieving my goals and I am also more able to step back. 

What I really appreciate in the coaching are the very concrete excersises through questions and answers. I love working with the visualizations. Through these visuals my thoughts and emotions bring me surprising insights often not even work related but all the more relevant. Through those observations I come to my core.

What surprised me was the fact that phone coaching works so well, I like the distance, I feel I can be more ‘open’ while at the same time I guess face to face coaching might be more confrontational and therefor more harder. 

I really like working with Gerda, she is cheerful, constructive, has a positive attitude, she makes me feel safe, nothing is strange or awkward, I feel not ashamed of my thoughts.”


N.A. the Netherlands


“Learning and evolving are core values of mine and I have only been able to recognize my values through working with Gerda. As I headed towards a milestone birthday on a life path I wasn't sure I was meant to be on Gerda has, through her amazing coaching, guided me through the rocky mountains of life and made me realize happiness is a choice. I have thoroughly enjoyed traveling on this journey with Gerda and continue to still learn and grow with her guidance. I couldn't ask for a better person to share my crazy life path with.”




"I met Gerda when she co-created the 'Love Life' workshop for the expat community in Muscat. The workshop made me aware that I was struggling much more with finding my place as a new expat than I dared to admit. The workshop series was followed by a series of individual life coaching sessions that helped me understand and accept my new environment. With her support, I have made quite a few decisions that will make my expat life a much richer and broader experience that I had hoped for. Gerda is full of compassion and motivated me to (re)discover myself. She has a rich toolbox of methods she applies in her coaching sessions, and adapts to the individual needs. Some of them I found particularly useful (sitting down with a large sheet of paper to draw/write/mind map) and I have started to apply them myself."


Femke W. Muscat