gvlcoaching, mother, Information Source, pupil, creator, respect, daughter, connector, openminded, love, facilitator, wife, leader, founding member of ICF Oman, Celebrator of Life, cannot do without beauty and fun..


That's me and a whole lot more...



My drive is to connect people, with them selves and with each other. 


Short background information, law degree at RijksUniversiteit Utrecht, joined the Bar in Rotterdam, made a switch to an employers organization in Welfare, Juvenile Aid and Childcare where I held several positions over 10 years. I quit my well paid job, lost structure, financial independence and status. Moved overseas to the United Arab Emirates. Experienced lots of transitions. Worked for 4 years in a dynamic, professional and very international environment with expats and a lot of personal contacts (Global Outpost Services/ Shell, location Dubai) what inspired me to develop myself as a coach. I trained and certified at the well known Coaches Trainings Institute (CTI) added Organizational and relationships Systems Coaching (ORSC) in my toolbox and now  focus on coaching relationships and transitions.  


Moved countries again in 2013 and worked as a certified Personal Development and Relationships Coach from Muscat in Oman. Here I was one of the founding members and president of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Oman. Repatriated end 2019 to The Netherlands.