Mental Fitness voor Global Nomads


A very effective 12 weeks’ Mental Fitness program, easy to work with and to implement in your busy life.


The core of this program is designed by Shirzad Charmine, a C-suite coach, Stanford professor and Ted talk speaker. He combined years of research with hours and hours of coaching and client experiences. 


One of the pillars of the program is the accountability set up in the form of small pods, which is a small support group who meet up weekly (videocalls) during the program. These groups are randomly formed  yet you can also join as a group of your own should you wish. As  team or family.

Programma outline

 This 12 weeks program consist of two parts, 


In the first 6-weeks you learn the operating system: 

  • 15 minutes of daily practice (supported by an app; so easy to apply); 
  • a one-hour weekly video to watch (so 6 in total, divided in short parts fitting your schedule); 
  • listening / reading 8 chapters of an audio book;
  • weekly support group calls with me as your personal coach during these 6 weeks.


After the first 6 weeks of weekly videocalls you have learned the operating system of mental fitness, the next 6 weeks will be about deepening the learning, repeating what was missed, adjusting what needs to be adjusted and most of all practice ourselves in creating the habits of ongoing mental fitness.  


The program starts on a Saturday when the weekly videos become available in your app. You can watch these over the weekend, on Monday the support call is scheduled. Since this program is run through an app, you can listen and watch the videos at your convenience.


What has the mental Fitness program with app and weekly pod calls brought you?


“It brought me peace of mind” (Lidy Veldhuizen, 70, Nederlands)


“It has given me a strict routine that helped me organizing my thoughts and mental wellbeing and it helped me understand myself and other people around me with a greater depth” (Silvia, veterinarian, 53)


“This mental fitness program has had a positive impact on my personal growth. I’ve learned so much about myself. I learned how to quiet my mind. The program helped me identify my saboteurs and how they affect how I react to situations and my relationship with others. The app is easy to use and the prompts to do the daily coach challenges makes it work effectively. Even though this a personal mental health fitness program being part of a pod is beneficial. I found the pod calls with pod members helpful as you are able to share experiences and discuss the topics introduced by the app each week. 

Another contributor to the success of the program is the manner in which the sessions were facilitated to our pod leader Gerda van Loon.” (Avril de Klerk, 51, South African)


Would you recommend this program to others, why? Why should anyone do this?



“Absolutely. I love it! It gives you insights and teaches you how to approach situations, yourself and others with a positive mindset. This all happens in a very supporting and loving way” (Lidy Veldhuizen, 70, Nederlands)


“I think it is suitable to all ages, it is possible to fit it into a busy life with the aim of facing daily challenges with a different awareness and toolkits, 

I found it challenging and some self-discipline and dedication are necessary, but a certain commitment really pays off” (Silvia, 53, Italian)

“I would definitely recommend this program to others. There is so much to gain. We all have saboteurs that hijack our thinking."

(Avril de Klerck, 51, South African)