Coaching the person not the topic

All people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. A person is seldom broken and perfectly capable of finding their own answers. Yet that is not easy to do by yourself, instead you hire a coach. In a coaching process your resources are opened, your potential is triggered and answers follow naturally. 


Coaching is a process in which your values and goals becomes clear. What drives you, in your work and in your life? We explore different perspectives. Show you the endless choices you have, you set goals and take actions. Ultimately, you will transform and have a more fulfilled life. A coaching journey is fun, exciting, challenging, can be hilarious at some points, emotional and is never ever boring. That I promise.


For who is coaching?

For everybody open for change, change towards action or towards awareness or both...


But not so much for those in need of therapeutical help. The difference between coaching and therapy is that in therapy the client seeks and needs healing, often related to things happened in the past. In coaching, we work with the whole person and focus on the now and the future. Sometimes therapy is more in place for a client, focussing on healing before being able to move forwards. A coach will refer if that is needed.


How does it work?

We create a safe, trusting and confidential space on the phone, video call or in person if you are located in the Rotterdam area. The sessions are 45 to 60 minutes long. A commitment of at least 3 months once a week or fortnight work best.   



Email me to schedule a 15 minute information call: